Infinite, limitless, immeasurable, endless, everlasting. These are words with an abstract meaning. It doesn’t relate to our starting and ending life.

The infinite symbol

Infinite is a term used in mathematics. Mathematics is about calculations, equations, dimensions and more. Mathematics is about numbers.
There is a discrepancy when infinite is linked to mathematics. Mathematics have an origin in the number zero. Arithmetic quantities all start with zero for no quantity. Mathematics needs the zero to determine a quantity.

Infinite lacks orientation, there are no boundaries. Where should we place the zero, when we cannot determine where that place is? We can’t add nor subtract from infinity, else infinite wouldn’t be infinite. In a infinite space it means, there is no absolute orientation. It has no center, no start, no end, no origin, no zero.

To repeat an equation ‘endlessly’ means something is continuously added or subtracted. That in itself means there is a point from which an addition or subtraction took place.

Infinite and mathematics don’t tolerate each other.
 Still there are equations that should result in infinity!  Mathematics use axiom to justify the use of infinity. (Parallel lines meet at infinity.) It only confirms that infinity and mathematics don’t match.

In an infinite space orientation always will be a relative orientation, an orientation related to the entities in space.
In case there is an absolute zero, a relative orientation should be in line with the absolute orientation.

This mind boggle is not meant to trivialize mathematics, far from that. Mathematics give us a great understanding of the world we live in.